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part-time working mom with baby

Four Myths About Working Part Time in the US

I’ve come to learn that a part-time job for someone like me is hard to find. I’m overqualified for most part-time listings, but I’m disqualified from most of the jobs that interest me because I’m not seeking full-time work.

In the US, we defend our lack of quality part-time jobs with several flawed assumptions. Abandoning these mistaken paradigms will help us build a society that is better for everyone.

Why Paternity Leave is Critical for New Moms

Why Paternity Leave is Critical for New Moms We’re excited to host our first guest blogger, Clare Thomas-Klemme, who details how paternity leave is critical for new moms, and how parental leave is a human right that should be available to all families. Clare Thomas-Klemme is a Family Sciences scholar and PhD candidate at the …

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